Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chronos Monday Guild Raid and the Counter Belle

The Monday Guild Raid, the Chronos. This boss have ability to reflect damage if there are three hero position 1 tile around him. Thus making this boss cannot be attacked efficiently by melee heroes. And he has immunity against disarm and stun. Great? huh.

How to achieve maximum scores? Belle is a great scissor healer, which is very good hero both on PVE and PVP, and Guild Raid of course. I equipped her with counter equipment (the Drills Set) which gain a counter attack everytime the wearer's HP is below 75% health.

hero positioning
Thanks to the aid Lilid and Lily as they is a good combo to stuck the boss movement in this Monday guild raid. Okay let's start!

First i choose my heroes and positions like this formation above. You might try others to maximize the attack possible. I'm thinking with another friend's Lee to achieve maximum scores.

lily push diagonally
After boss got stuck on the bottom left tile, you can use guild shelling and let them work until the last 50th turn. I usually AFK when they starts working lol.

Belle doing counter
The counter actually gain a good score, because the damage she caused also counted as score. Since the healer build is focused on attack, the counter damage will deal alot of damage.

Lee's free attack
Lee also gain benefit from the position. He will get free attack everytime while standing still on his position, so guild shelling helps him to gain mana whenever he is low on mana.
You can try this also, and you can gain score better than me if your guildmates has strong lee.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Library in the Sky Patch is coming!

As seen on FWT Official facebook page. They officially made a developer 14 which is the upcoming patch content that include a new dungeon called "Library in the Sky"

the gameplay

This content may looks a mixed content between Tower of Dawn and Guild Raid mode, but in a defense mode. This is very interesting! let's take a look.

image footage from new update

The story started from an attendance from a female human form soul geared character (name/identity still not revealed yet) whose stated as visitor to Library in the Sky. From the story introduced, i think she will be the main story, which will be the main quest to running the dungeon to defend the Young Yekaterina.
protect young Yekaterina!

This update will come with auto and manual mode, which is good. The latest Guild Raid come with full auto mode and sometimes it annoys the players because they are not capable to maximize battle strategy

they said so

Celestial, which known as dragon in Tower of Dawn finally revealed the identity as a 'she'. As they release her image in the humanoid form silhouette.

is the Celestial a she?

From my point of view, this story will enriched the story relation bond between the Celestial and the Yekaterina. Aww.. the lore goes again. Nexon again succeeded to impress the player with great and rich storyline, as we can see positive comments from the comment section of the page

At least, let's wait for the update, I will try to make video footage as soon the update comes out! Stay tuned on my youtube channel!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sneak peak on my heroes stat

Some youtube viewers asked me what is my heroes stat. And i would like to show you (not intended to show off lol!) some of my heroes stats.

My lobby

This screenshot were taken at the moment of august Tower of Dawn clearance. So this will give you some hint about how much is the "enough" stat to beat the tower.

Ok, here we go!













Well, i think you may have better stat than me, because i suck at gearing, lol. All heroes mostly equipped with non-set items, or standard A sets. I also suck at rolling equips (my bad luck). All my heroes skills are completed, means the skills are maxed.

Wait! where is the Persona? Uh oh, i keep it exclusive to my friends lol. Not a very good persona though, you'll be surprised if you see his stat. Why? because the sets he used are underrated sets.

See you around!

Hellfire Immunity, how to beat august Tower Of Dawn?

the video footage on my youtube channel
First thing in mind about August Tower of Dawn 110th is Celestial have hellfire immunity, which leading to having close combat battle to defeat it.

no stun immunity
Let's see if the boss have weakness on the status. As i can see there is no stun immunity. And we can do stunlock to bring him down. At least some hero with stun skill like Mu and Bearman will be a good pick.

The battle starts with ghosts spawning around the map. They will explode upon death creating large aoe damage area (5x5 tiles) and cannot be reduced by any defense reduction. The damage is fixed equal to 40% of the ghost's HP. So the only way to defend against the self destruct skill is by dodging or stunning the ghosts as they died.
stunning the ghost to prevent exploding
The boss will start to attack at 5th turn, so be prepared before it. The immunity potions to tank the boss attack will spawned at 3rd turn. The potion effect will last for 2 turns. So make sure the tanker gets it before boss attack.

After boss used his 1st turn, quickly stun the boss with Mu's 2nd skill. This will give 3 negative buffs (stun, defense decrease and attack decrease), and continue it with stacking another negative buffs. The boss will clear 3 negative buffs when gaining his turn (counted from the last negative buffs taken).

The main team

Continue repeated the order to get the boss perma stunned until the boss died.
My team heroes order are : Mu, Nirvana, Bearman, Persona, Lena.
Alternatively you can pick another hero just like video below.
They are : Mu, Muzaka, Krut, Bearman, Serendi.

Alternative video
Happy playing!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Owning Trishula Friday Boss Guild Raid with double Raboffs

My previous article was using Lily to corner the boss (read here), which can be improved using double Raboff, using guildmate and perform ultimate disarm on Trishula.

Lily on 1st turn
Make sure Lily has enough hit rate, above 20% is okay. Any level/star Lily would be sufficient. And place the Raboff on last turn.
Boss cornered
The position can be modified, depends on your team. Krut can be replaced with Rage/Dominique. Make sure party has enough Mana to spam skills by using Guild Skill Combat support.
The position
This would be easy enough, Raboff will cast disarm every turn, and make sure the Raboff on maxed 3rd skill. Soul Geared Raboff will be perfect if you can afford the sword.

Your score can be higher than me. If you are lucky enough you will reach maximum possible score. Happy playing!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lee is MvP on Juggernaut Boss, the Wednesday guild raid

Lee is long range attacker in guild raid and has advantage on some boss, especially Wednesday, the Juggernaut boss.
Lilid pull the boss and Lily push diagonally, the boss will stuck in a position. The position idea is on picture below. Lily and Lilid become useless after first turn.

1st turn position
Make sure Lilid's attack is below 20k to prevent the boss explode (change form) which leading to push Lilid and Lily and end up ruining the whole strategy.
Lilid pull boss 1 tile backwards

Lilid and lily can be any level/star, just make sure they have enough hit rate, about 20% hit rate is enough.
Lily push 2 tiles diagonally
Voila boss locked in position!. Time to lee's attack. Lee will attacking until 50th turn. Make sure he has strongest equipment.
Lee's attack
Some tips : Make sure the Lee has at least 6 mp regen per turn to make him stay in one place. If not, he will walk next to the boss and cast 1st skill. Which is leading to ruin the strategy.
My lee's stats
My Lee has poor stats, i will make him stronger later. You can use 6th position (friend's hero) and choose your friend's Lee. Unfortunately my guildmate didn't have/or raise him at the moment, but you can try with yours to gain maximum possible scores.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My thought on ultimate disarm Friday Guild Raid the Thrisula Boss. Using Lily?

Lily has some great skill to push the position 2 tiles diagonally. Which is a great way to keep the other hero like Raboff to always cast 3rd skill disarm.
position ordering
Important thing to do is you need some accuracy on Lily. Im using 3 star lily unequipped, on some run he missed the attack and ruin entire strategy.

1st turn is Lily

I have using this formation on my recent friday guild raid battle, and it's quite impressive. The disarm lands perfectly every turns.

boss surrounded

For best result you can change my krut with raboff friend for more disarm, unfortunately my guildmates didn't have many Raboff that i can use.

Okay! that's it. I'll add video next week and put it here! Stay tuned.

PS: My 1st run on this Friday guild raid can be seen below. (it's messy run lol)

Guild raid saturday, the Hellmaster, how to beat it?

Hellmaster has a weakness which is stunnable, so you may need to choose some stunner heroes available. This time i will use my favorite stunner hero. They are Mu and Unknown.

It is important that the positioning is key to gain maximum score on this Saturday guild raid. Here is my position:

stun fest yeah
On 1st turn try to launch the arrow to clear the mobs so the party focused on the boss. On the 3rd form, you may failed to stun the boss, don't worry your party will survive.
keep stun the boss!
On the 4th form and 5th the boss can wipeout the entire team if party failed to land the stun. So it's important to clear the archers everytime they spawn.
This boss is very RNG dependant raid, because you always rely on stun. The only problem is stun is cleared whenever boss changing forms, so make sure it change forms before your heroes land the stun. (That's why i put the stunner on 4th and 5th)
5 runs
I can reach this score (S+) using 2 keys maybe i can reach SS- later. Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Forcing Raboff to always use Disarm on Bathory

Guild raid Thursday is quite annoying, especially the DOT damage from the boss kills entire party. My method here is to continuous disarm. Since Raboff can do 2 turn disarm.

The amazing trololo July TOD Reward

The mighty RNG has drawn its power again! LOL. Nope, here's the Tower Of Dawn July rewards. My rewards, got trolled by RNG

1st draw

And... here's the 1st draw, wow Golden Tiger Set !

Try not to cry
OMGWTF bitches!
RNG nailded it